Budgeting & Forecasting

We focus on removing doubt about the accuracy or reliability of your budget, or long-term operating forecast by focusing on the budgeting and forecast process, not just the model. Whether working with your existing models, building one from scratch or customizing your current forecast, our team of experts will give you the extra confidence in your budget and forecast that drive decisioning. We also serve as a second set of eyes to confirm your thinking, and to offer suggestions for improvement. We also help you customize your current forecast, to meet the specific goals of your office.

Management Reporting & Dashboards

Asking the right questions and then gathering, organizing, and presenting data to make informed decisions is not an easy task. The ability to clearly see how a company is performing compared to its goals and objectives, prior year performance, competitors, or industry standards enables you to make sound decisions and follow up with more questions that will help your company grow.

Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement provides benefits across many dimensions of an enterprise. By leveraging the latest technology, a company can transform its Back Office, Front Office and the Customer Experience.  Our proven methodology is designed to support the client journey from beginning to end and can be tailored to meet specific needs, timelines and budgets.  Whether we provide a simple proof of the technology in house or begin obtaining a granular assessment before development, our approach enables confidence in design, innovation, exploration and high-quality delivery. In fact, the best solutions often combine technologies that enable greater automation than what a single technology can accomplish.

Financial Modeling/Decision Support

Financial models are decision-making tools that are typically built for, and relied upon, to support key business strategic initiatives. Good financial models provide insightful information, allowing you to explore the financial impact of strategic decisions and support your business plan or investment decision. We can design operational/financial models to analyze potential long-term outcomes from the options you have available to you today. Whether its creating proforma financials or analyzing rates of return on different capital allocation scenarios, we can create models to provide insight.

Business Strategy & Advisory

Businesses of all sizes are now competing on a global stage and require strategic advisory support from experts. Companies need an advisor who can help craft a strategic mindset in order to compete in today’s hyper-competitive environment. This is where we can take a step back to holistically assess and help you prioritize your key areas of need.  We can tie together tactical solutions to help build a cohesive and actionable strategy to help your business realize its full potential through analytics.

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